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Which theme to set as default?

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For 2.2.0 we have a Light, Dark and Classic theme.  Also the option of custom themes that can be provided as ImageCache.png files.

Which of these themes should we set as the default theme?
asked Apr 7 by James Crook

6 Answers

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On Windows the light theme has improved considerably in recent days thanks to  James's work.

James added some more contrast because I thought it was important for the icons except in Transport Toolbar not to look "washed out". Perhaps due to the thickness of those other icons we could even manage with a touch less contrast now.

My only doubt now is the blue shade for Transport, Edit and Tools toolbars and Scrub Ruler. Should that shade be the same as the body colour for the selected Track Control Panel (TCP)? I think it would look cheerier.

I don't think the TCP buttons are right yet. Perhaps they should be yellow, or should take the slider knob bright blue colour with white text. If it was worked on a little more, Light would get my vote for default.

answered Apr 10 by Gale Andrews
selected Apr 10 by James Crook
I think we should take your comments, offer the ImageCahe.png of the light theme out to people, and pick the best improvement on it that they offer.
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Totally unbidden just now over lunch my "mystery shopper" came out with; "I think the new Light theme should be the new default theme".
answered Apr 8 by PeterSampson
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If we are not moving on from the 2.X.X designation, then I think it should be 'Classic'.  If we want to recognise the recent developments that have been made (both in code and elsewhere) then I think we should call the next release 3.0.0 and go with 'Dark'.

answered Apr 9 by Martyn
I'd be happy to see Dark theme as the default - but that then makes it hard to differentiate from DarkAudacity (assuming that James may continue with that auteur version)
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I could say "None of them" and suggest that we get the 'designer' world involved in making an even better one.

But the interface for doing that is currently very poor, in a number of ways, as is pointed out on http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Theming_HowTo.  + editing the PNG and then reloading into Audacity involves a number of steps so slows down any 'what if' attempts - an 'Apply' button in the prefs would help.

Incidentally the <-> icon in the Tools Toolbar is wrong as it can be used to move clips up and down as well ('obviously' if there is room).  It has been wrong for many years and this could be an opportunity to fix that.
answered Apr 9 by Martyn
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The dark theme looks best and most complete  at the moment, especially against a dark desktop theme (which are currently very popular).
answered Apr 10 by steve
Could you clarify if that is because of flaws/incompleteness in classic in 2.2.0 that were not problems in 2.1.3, or because Dark has worked out better than anticipated.
A bit of both, but also we have a tradition of "featuring" new developments when first introduced.

At the moment (Audacity built 9/4/17), the classic and light themes look less polished than the dark theme on my machine.
Dark as default would definitely be the boldest move
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I think the Light Theme should be the new default theme.

It gives a more modern, refreshed look - and doing that does not remove the "Classic" look as that is readily available for any user that prefers the traditional Audacity look.
answered Apr 8 by PeterSampson
I have been discussing the light theme with James. It has improved, but I find its low contrast toolbars and very dark Track Control Panel with dark hard-to-read text very trying.

The icons look nothing like as nice and are harder to see than in Dark theme.

I think the current theme is not light but low contrast pastel. As yet I think it looks much less good than the Classic. I still think a light blue "Light" would look much more attractive than medium grey. It would look much less like Classic than it does now.