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How can Hi-Contrast theme be improved?

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I've created a Hi-Contrast theme for Audacity.

It's for use with Microsoft's Hi-Contrast 2 theme in Windows 10.  I'm unable to tell if it solves the Hi-Contrast problems or not.  What improvements should be made and why?

One issue is that we don't know what works well for people with typical poor eyesight.  In terms of colour blindness, shades of blue generally are good for more people, as red/green colourblindness is commonest.  

I imagine the image needs to work well if converted to black and white.  That creates a problem where we need 'three levels', e.g. the waveform, the selection, the background.  One at least has to be grey in a 'black and white' version.

asked Apr 10 by James Crook
edited Apr 10 by James Crook

7 Answers

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I'd prefer it to have the pointy drawing-pin/thumb-tack for pinned playhead that we have in 2.1.3 rather than the cotton-reel.   Same goes for Light and Dark themes.

I coud live with the "funnel" for the normal playhead - but I think I'd still prefer the "traditional" inverted triangle.  And again, same goes for Light and Dark themes.
answered Apr 12 by PeterSampson
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Biggest problem is the green numbering over the green metering.

Less of a problem with RMS metering where you get green numbers on a red meter bar
answered Apr 10 by PeterSampson
edited Apr 12 by PeterSampson
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One thing that is lost in this theme is the horizontal separator between
left and right channels - this maintained in Dark by boxing.  
I suspect that the boxing is still there but is lost by being the same color as the waveform background
answered Apr 10 by PeterSampson
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On Sierra, the Transport Toolbar. Tools Toolbar and Edit Toolbar buttons do not change appearance on hover.

The Transport Toolbar buttons do not have a green rectangle around them.

The  Tools Toolbar buttons do not show green border when selected.
answered Apr 12 by Gale Andrews
Thanks.  ALL themes could do with some work on macOS.  macOS uses different button images to windows and Linux.
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I'm finding the visual cue for button down with Mute and Solo more that a little undifferentiated - similarly with Dark theme.

With Light and Classic button-down of Mute/Solo is more obvious.
answered Apr 10 by PeterSampson
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I think the waveform colours are a problem:

* Insufficient distinction between the RMS / non-RMS parts of the waveform, especially when unmuted

* Perhaps the waveform selected colour is too bright. It certainly does not work well with unmuted waveform     (two very bright blocks of colours)

I think users who need High Contrast should comment on the ideal base colour for the unmuted waveform.
answered Apr 10 by Gale Andrews
The RMS/non-RMS distinction is largely eye candy, rather than being useful, so there is a case for not making a large brightness contrast between them.  We do need feedback from people with poor eyesight, as bright-orange/bright-cyan may be a good contrast or may not be.
I disagree that RMS in the waveform is eye candy. For example it is critical to those submitting audio books to ACX.
Such users may do better then to rely on resetting their meters to the old RMS style meters.  That would seem to give a more accurate reading than relying on the 2-color waveform, especially if one stretches the meters out as Koz does.
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I am completely unable to see which button in the upper tooldock has focus in Hi Contrast theme. It is also hard to see in Dark theme.
answered Apr 11 by Gale Andrews