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Should we have a toolbar for 'Toggle' buttons?

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Most buttons are actions, you click them and they do something, and then they pop back up.

Should we have a toolbar for buttons that toggle a state on or off?  Examples include show-clipping, select-all-on-none, sync-lock.

I'm not just looking for a yes/no answer, but for a reason for the answer.
asked Apr 7 by James Crook

1 Answer

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Might they look somewhat unrelated in a toolbar? There may be a case e.g. for a View Toolbar that had Auto fit vertically zoomed and Show Clipping rather than a Zoom Toolbar.

This still isn't an answer for the Sync-Lock button though. Select-all-on-none and Sync-Lock are Tracks features though.
answered Apr 8 by Gale Andrews