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What is the purpose of the Hi-Contrast theme?

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I ask for documentation purposes - the Audacity Manual.
asked Apr 10 by PeterSampson

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It's in response to this forum post:


Some users with poor eyesight benefit from a high contrast that is 'eye-popping' for most people.  Subtle shades don't work for them, and they can't easily read black on white.  The idea is this new theme would be used with a system theme that is high contrast.  It's intended to work well with Windows 10 Hi contrast Theme 2.
answered Apr 10 by James Crook
selected Apr 10 by PeterSampson
Thanks James, I've added this rational to the draft page I am working on for Themes in the Manual:  http://alphamanual.audacityteam.org/man/Themes