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What save/export directory settings should we have?

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This relates to bug/enhancement-request:


We have many different cases of opening an save, save as or export dialog.  The current behaviour is not entirely satisfactory, but it isn't clear what the behaviour should be.  We could have many fine grained settings, e.g different default directories for different export file types, or we could have few settings so that all files live together, and all directories change together.  Also we can update save paths when we open or import, or not.  What is best, and why?
asked Apr 7 by James Crook

1 Answer

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I already gave my answers to this on the -quality list where it had a long discussion, so this question seems perhaps redundant.

The key thing for me is that export directory changes to where the last file came from, or if no file it uses last used directory as now. Probably we want an option for the current export behaviour (always use last used folder) too.
answered Apr 8 by Gale Andrews