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How can Audacity be used as Sample Editor for DAWs?

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Audacity by default creates .aup projects, and does not offer destructive auto-export / overwriting of an original file (for instance, a wav file).

Certain DAWs allow to call an external audio editor to modify a sample. The user chooses the .exe file for the "sample editor" they wish to use. Then, the "edit" or equivalent button on the DAW for a certain sample, when clicked, opens the external audio editor with the sample file passed via command line.

Today, it is not possible to integrate Audacity with such DAWs, because of the default behaviour.

Maybe adding a /destructive command line flag?
asked Apr 10 by buanzo
Can you clarify the question please?  Is it "What does Audacity (program) need to do to make this possible?" or "How do we make this feature happen sooner?" or "Can Audacity be made to start up sufficiently quickly to make this workable?" or something else?

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