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3-wishes, what would you wish for?

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If you could have three wishes from Audacity, what would those three wishes be? (bear in mind that as in the fairy tales there can be unforeseen consequences).

Cribbed from a meme that emerged at the Audacity Unconference in 2014:  http://au14.audacityteam.org/index.php/Audacity_Unconference_2014#What_happened_at_AU14

asked Apr 11 by PeterSampson

6 Answers

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  1. An HTML 5 + OpenGL based version.  Why?  Zero install.  Compatibility with Win/Mac/Linux/Android/iPhone whilst still writing just one version. Potentially beautiful transitions and high speed in rendering, and potentially higher speed audio processing too.
  2. Built-in-test.  Why?  Because we currently are fixing bugs onesey twosey, rather than eliminating bug categories.  A built-in test feature could generate screenshots for documentation at the same time as giving Audacity a work out, detect drop outs, measure headroom.  Many test features can do double duty and be useful to the end user.
  3. Extensive integrated educational content.  Why?  The best place for a manual is where you are actually using it.  Plus we can teach (those who want to know) about sound and about audio programming.  It could bring more people in to contributing to the project.
answered Apr 11 by James Crook
Simple steps first. Why is it so hard to have a help button in some dialogues?
That's a new question.
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I'm sure it has been asked before but I would like to run individual effects for each track real time

The ability to record only the tracks I want as in when I use a 16 input interface I can select only the tracks I want to record, not have to use all 16 if they are not being used.

Can't think of a third right now :)

I very much like using Audacity as an editor for finishing my mixes (on Reaper) but it would be nice if it incorporated the above features.
answered Apr 13 by boss96
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  1. Less "features", more "modules".
    Rather than many (potentially buggy) built-in effects and features, for Audacity to be a rock solid "audio engine", into which display, processing, editing, scripting, automation, analysis, and other types of modules can be "plugged in" to create a range of applications, from simple audio players, to advanced multi-track MIDI and audio workstations.
  2. A single file project format.
  3. No bugs (you did say "wishes" :)
answered Apr 14 by steve
"Rock Solid Audio Engine" separate from display would fit very well with the http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Proposal_Audacity_4_Blind proposal.  Engine separate from display, and possibly with a more textual display for VI users.
Yes, and perhaps it also fits with the "HTML 5 + OpenGL based version" wish.
Separating the GUI from the audio engine would open up many possibilities for radically new interfaces, and free Audacity from the burden of having to be a Jack of all trades.
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Reasonably long menus where necessary so that very common actions are still in the top level. But retain the principle that the previous menus were too long and that single submenus can be good.

Stronger features for those who need to import then export-overwrite hundreds or more files per day. Where the user is able to automate this, enhance Chains so that it actually supports all the formats that Audacity supports.

No-GUI command-line support so that e,g. effects or Chains could be run on files or on a list of files without slowing down to draw waveforms of the files.
answered Apr 15 by Gale Andrews
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(on behalf of jh90s who used a comment rather than an answer)

  1. An improved noise reduction plugin (preferably based on ISSE's learning algorithms) since the current NR plugin is decent for what it is, but ISSE does an even better job! ISSE's open source and is licensed under the GNU license, so there's that.
  2. Something which allows users to do musical source separation. Vocal / instrumental removal / isolation is a very popular (and difficult) topic which lots of people seem to want software for. Again, ISSE can do source separation, so perhaps ISSE could be used in some way?
  3. A native spectral subtraction plugin. Again, it'd help immensely for noise reduction purposes.
answered Apr 16 by James Crook
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How do I make the most of my new U-Phoria UMC404HD with audacity? I was having problems last night. How do I set it all up? I should be able to record four separate tracks and mix each track in stereo right .
answered May 19 by sunriseflames