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How should we design a better Zoom Toolbar?

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The current Zoom controls in Audacity are part of the Edit Toolbar - and there are limited tools there.  It has been suggested that we split this Zoom Tools off into a separate toolbar and maybe expand them.

Initial thoughts can be seen in this proposal in the Audacity Wiki:  http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Proposal_new_Zoom_Toolbar

asked Apr 8 by PeterSampson

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Just separating the zooms from the edits as a new bar will make very little difference.  Most sane users will use both.  The zoom toolbar is valuable when we have more zoom buttons on it.  As well as the zoom-1-second-to-1-pixel family of zoomings, I also want to see zoom-toggle back and zoom-to-samples, for those who like to edit at the sample level.  Once we have that range of possible zoom buttons, we have to have some configurability of which ones to show.

As a programmer, I think the way forward is to make configurable toolbars that can take buttons.  The configuration can be in audacity.cfg.  Initially configuration would be for power users who are prepared to edit a text file.  The coding work involved is far less than for providing a GUI for configuring too.  As a default we could provide an edit toolbar and a zoom toolbar configured the way we think best for most non-power-users.

  • Configurable as to what buttons and what order
  • Configurable as to size, e.g. 3x2, 1x7 and so on.
We should also provide some generic buttons which can be assigned to any key-bindable command.   
answered Apr 8 by James Crook
Separating the existing zooms from the edits has two immediate benefits:
a) the user can choose to hide either one of them independently,
b) the user gets greater flexibility for toolbar re-arrangement.