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What subdomain name for souped-up manual front page?

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The Audacity manual has a clickable image of Audacity on its front page:

As part of my Automation Project I will be building an HTML 5 version of the clickable front page that has menus that open, buttons that click down, rich tooltips for features and that connects even more so into the manual.  It will be using a lot of images and quite a bit of javascript.  It is more than wiki can handle, so needs to have its own subdomain of audacityteam.org to host the new static content.  

The question is what name for the subdomain?

I'm thinking 'whatsthat.audacityteam.org' since it is all about what each visible feature of Audacity is. I'm open to other suggestions.

asked May 26 by James Crook

3 Answers

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I like this but think it could be 'whatsthatfor...', which we could abbreviate to 'wtf...'.
Martyn :)
answered May 26 by Martyn
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Apart from the humour in Martyn's reply -  I really rather like his suggestion  it snappy and "does what it says on the tin"  - btw that doesn't mean I don't like the humour ROFLMAO  :-))

Unlike Gale I would prefer a much less formal wording  - we don't want to end up looking old-fashioned and stuffy (I though that was one of the reasons we opted for a more modern less stuffy logo).

answered May 27 by PeterSampson
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I prefer something more formal




Can other collaborative software handle HTML5 or is remaining with MediaWiki still the way to go?

answered May 26 by Gale Andrews
That's a new question, so do an 'ask related question'.  That keeps Q&A topics on track.  Tighter than an email thread.  Otherwise we end up with long discussion in the comments.